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3 Steps To Your Child's Success

1.  Book your child in by calling us on 0419 462 094

2. Join a single or 10 session program to start seeing results.

3. Experience how working with horses builds self confidence,

    emotional + social skills.

Call us on 0419 462 094

About Us

About Us

The Holistic Equine Horse Program for children and teenagers is an educational supported program that has a positive focus.

Children feel safer and less judged by horses, there are no expectations, just acceptance.  

Helped by our educational facilitators your child will engage with activities and connect with our herd of horses and

there is no horse riding experience required as all interactions are carried out at ground level.


This is not a horse riding course but a new way for children and teenagers to explore self regulation, build confidence and self awareness through an educationally supported program that centres on individual outcomes for your child.

Book a session on 0419 462 094 to begin their journey to success.




"A & B always looked forward to the sessions with Sharon and Steve. They loved the minis and with time loved graduating to the bigger horses. They did weekly sessions over a period of about 18 months and it really helped to keep them grounded and to reflect on what was happening in their lives. It gave them tools to support emotional regulation and allowed them to build a connection with the animals and relate this to their own lives/experiences. This gave them confidence and boosted their self -esteem. They always left feeling calm, and a sense of achievement from being in the lovely surroundings with beautiful animals."



The Holistic Equine Team

The Team

Sharon (above middle), Stephen (above left) and Katie (above right) work together to help children and teenagers navigate challenges in their life.

With 15 years Early Childhood and Behavioural Support experience,

L8 Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma, Diploma Early Childhood, Studies in Masters of Neuroscience in Education and Play Therapy,

 Diploma Counselling Skills,

CERTIII Horse Handling,

CERT IV Training and Assessment and Diploma of Management

we are endorsed through the Australian Education and Training System with Australian qualifications to teach, facilitate and provide support to meet the needs of children.

Call us on 0419 462 094 to talk about how we can help guide your child.

The Big Guys

We have 16 beautiful large horses who work in small herds with our children, teenagers and schools to provide positive experiences and build self confidence.

 Book on 0419 462 094 to enjoy quality time with these amazing horses.

The Little Guys

Our six beautiful miniature horses love meeting new friends and there is no better way to start than to book a Mini Meet'n'Greet where you can have a quiet chat, a brush and a cuddle.

Book on 0419 462 094 to enjoy some quality time with these amazing minis.


Book a session on 0419 462 094 to begin your child's journey to success.


Contact Us

The Holistic Equine

Somersby NSW 2250
Ph: 0419 462 094

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